Virgo Rakkan (乙女座のラカン; Barugo no Rakan) is the Virgo Saint during the the 22nd Century.

Virgo Rakkan
Classification Virgo Gold Saint
Aura type Golden; Telekinetic
Cloth Virgo Cloth
Constellation/Symbol Virgo Constellation
Date of birth August 25
Sign Virgo
Age 26 years
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Weight 65 kg
Blood type AB
Place of birth Patan, Nepal
Place of training Kudremukh, India
Teacher None
Relations Athena (goddess)
Status Active

Personality Edit

Rakkan is one of the most loyal Gold Saints, and follows every single order and regulation imposed by the Sanctuary.

Cloth Edit

Rakkan wears the Virgo Cloth, one of 22nd century Athena's Cloths.

Since he is blind, Rakkan developed a way to "see" by infusing his cosmos in the 8 Dark Emeralds on his cloth.

Techniques Edit

  • Telekinesis: Virgo is able to manipulate physical objects with his mind and levitate.
  • Ohm: Rakkan gathers a powerful cosmos so that he may use his stronger techniques.
  • Khan: The absolute defense of Virgo, a barrier that reflects any attacks.
  • Dharmacakra Mudra: Any doubts vanish from the saint's mind and he will only see people as either enemies and allies.
  • Heaven Supremacy over Evil Spirits of Rivers and Mountains: Releases evil spirits.
  • Six Paths of Transmigration: Virgo sends an opponent to one of the six Samsara, the Buddhist realms of rebirth:
    • Hell: Fire seas, blood lakes and needle mountains. Those who dwell here suffer of endless fear and agony.
    • Realm of the Hungry Ghosts: Those who dwell here are thin as a rake, with a bulging stomach. Their hunger and thirst lasts forever, they must eat rotten flesh.
    • Realm of the Beasts: Those who dwell here must predate on the others, or they will become prey as well.
    • Asura: Those who dwell here must fight eachother everyday with no rest.
    • Realm of Humans: Happiness, anger, grief and joy. Those who dwell in this unstable world are tortured by extreme feelings.
    • Paradise: It's possible to be happy here, but a single thought can make one fall into one of the lower realms.
  • Treasure of the Heavens: Virgo's ace technique. It is both offensive and defensive, incapacitating the opponents and leaving them completely at the caster's mercy. Usng this, Rakkan may strip his victims out of touch, taste, sight, hearing, smell, and even the 6th sense, leaving behind a living corpse.