Virgo Chir
Classification Gold Saint
Aura type Golden
Cloth Virgo Cloth
Constellation/Symbol Virgo
Date of birth August 20th
Sign Virgo
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 175cm
Weight Unknown
Blood type O+
Place of birth China
Place of training Ganges River, India
Teacher None
Relations None
Status Alive
Virgo Chir (乙女座のちる Barugo no Chiru) is the 20th century Virgo Saint on an alternative timeline of Saint Seiya. He is considered the wisest Saint of his time, even to be chosen as Pope.


Chir is a very calm and wise man, even to be chosen as the Pope. He is one of the loyalest Saints, making everything  ordered by Athena. He is a very good person too, prefering not to kill his enemies, but he became the contrary after recieve the Imperial Satan from Gemini Ashun.


Chir wears the Virgo Cloth, one of Athena's Cloths. His cloth is exactly like the one used by Virgo Shaka.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chir has perhaps the most powerful Cosmos of all the Gold Saints. He battles principally using illusions and boosts combined.