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Vego Celestia, Lyra's Constellation Argent Saint

This page belong to me, GreenKiss, please do ne edit without permission.   Vego Celestia, is a Argent Saint, who live in Palestra. She are a Athena's Secret Guardian.

Story & ProfilEdit

  • Name : Vego Celestia
  • Age : 18 years
  • Constellation : Lyra
  • Cosmos : Golden Aura - Shining Aura - Musical Aura
  • Living : Palestra
  • Rank : Argent Saint
  • Hair Colors : Gray
  • Eyes Colors : Blue - Red


  • Story : Before Saint Seiya Omega Events, when she has be a child, her city has been destroyed by March, She are the last Citizen of Katawari City. When she has 13 years, she begins her training with Equuleus Mamoru. 15 years ; She obtains her Argent Knight Title & Become a Saint Seiya. 16 years ; Upgraded to Argent Knight. 17 years ; Meet Yogin Virgo, Cancer Rona, Cybasters & Turdus. 18 years : Recovered Mamoru. She was a friend of Paradox.

Personality & TraitsEdit

  • Celestia are quiet everytime, she are shy & friendly. She are only violent when somebody touch her friends. She have a pet called " Nemu " a little blue mouse, Nemu are infact the Paradox's Reincarnation, but she don't know the truth. She are a bit nervous when she are into battle, she are sensitive and audacious, so that an incredible naivety.
  • She loves animals & Athena, her " mother ", she as the illegitim sister of Sonia. She haves Marthian Blood in her body. When she are out of control, a part of her hair become red and a other blue & the armor begins to shining. 
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Physical AppearanceEdit

Celestia have got a gray hair, with red/blue eyes. More to come...


The Lyra's Constellation cloths are White/Gray/Black shining armor. He have got wings & petticoat. More to come...

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Celestia's Power have the same stronger from the Seiya's Power. Her Powers are really rare because she has got three Cosmos in one body, so her power are a Argents Knight basically power x3, so a Gold Saint Stronger.


  • Cosmos Enhancement -  When she uses this ability, Celestia can increases her power and be more strange.
  • Shining Cosmos : Light - She uses that ability to blinded the ennemies into a few moment, but also to illuminates her power.
  • Golden Aura : Mistress's Order - With this ability, Celestia be out of control and have a Gold Saint strange.
  • Musical Aura : Lyra's Song  - With this ability, Celestia can make appears an lyra & play with the Lyra's constellation spirit.


  • Celestia Vega in japanese as saying " Seresutia No Bega "
  • Celestia have got a Dark Cosmos who eat her Shining cosmos because of that, she are sometimes out of control & she haves a killer's spirit.
  • She will be have her own existance in her own Fanfictionn & Videos-Games, certains of her companions will be appears, but also Saint Seiya Originals Characters ( like Koga, Yuna or Ryuho )

Celestia's GalleryEdit