The Silver Saints are the Saints that wear the second most powerful Cloths.

They are Specialists in battle. When they receive an assignment of the Sanctuary, they go to any part of the world to fulfill it whatever the cost, using all their power. They are known as the Sactuary's mercenaries.

Another mission given by the Sanctuary for the Silver Saints is the one to take care of the Cloths that does not have owners. It is not rare to see Silver Saints training potential candidates to one of these Cloths. To find a successor worthy of its Cloth is part of the work of these Saints. As many Saints and Cloths were lost in the last Holy War, to train new Saints and to increase to the power to fight are the important tasks to be fulfilled before the next Holy War.

In total there exists 24 Silver Saints, but only sixteen were active in the story of Saint Seiya. The Silver Cloths, the principle of a Silver Saint, freeze at a temperature of -200°C. Currently there has only been 18 Silver Cloths confirmed, but the Silver Cloths of Orion, Shield and Southern Cross may soon fall in there line. The 17th & 18th Silver Cloths was revealed in the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia, they represent the constellations of Crater and Altar. Recently since the start of Saint Seiya Next Dimension, a Saint who was active in the previous Holy war with Hades were revealed as Crateris Suikyo.

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