Episode 1 Edit

After an attack on Sanctuary had commenced, leading to the death of Virgo Fudo and leaving Phoenix Ikki in a vegetated state, the legendary Saints take up their rightful Gold Cloths. Seiya as Sagittarius, Hyoga as Aquarius, Shiryu as Libra, and Shun as the new Saint of Virgo, partake in a journey in order to seek justice upon the Celtic Zodiac warriors, the ones who had attacked Sanctuary their time of peace. Along the way, they are joined by Pisces Shoko, the former Equuleus Saintia, as well with several other warriors as they search for new owners to give the currently vacant Gold Cloths, in the meantime, as a legend had foretold "only the 12 Golden Knights imbued with godly Cosmos can defeat the Dagda".

The City of Tir Nar Bog, home of Abnoba- the goddess of nature among the local folk, was a bright and beautiful mountain shaped city. Surrounded by lively trees, grand marsh, and woodland giants. Tir Nar Bog seemed like a small piece of Heaven's garden but with the garden itself infantisizing the Earth, one could understand its highly improbable landscape.

Leading south from the city, along the road made of rock and stone, was a simple yet easily recognizable villagle. The village had many houses, markets, and other buildings such as the church dedicated to Abnoba. A wood gaint would be seen kneeling before her giant statue, a young girl by human standards but was slightly taller than the average adult.

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