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Rasetsu is a member of the powerful clan of Onmyouji and Monks, The Kamaage Clan. He is the reincarnation of the Primordial God, Chaos. 







Basic AbilitiesEdit

Rasetsu is a person whom completely forgoes the usage of any and all kinds of cloth. His abilities and powers are attributed to someone more along the lines of Abzu's caliber, who's power stems from their sheer natural ability and inborn strength. However, he does draw his power from a series of "incarnation stages" which serve as numerous transformations which allow him to wield greater might and quantity of cosmo. 


Envoy of ChaosEdit

First state

Rasetsu's first form

The envoy of chaos is Rasetsu's foremost henshin and the transformation which is passed down through his clansmen from generation to generation. It is the most basic state in which members of his bloodline can take on with rather casual ease through making contact with the scepter of shadows, and transforms his body with inwardly and outwardly, making him a fit vessel for the god of chaos. However, the form is only provisional, serving to familiarize the users body with the mighty cosmo of chaos, and making Rasetsu only somewhat superhuman in the process, though with deep access to his cosmo over time. Otherwise mortal, transforming into his Envoy of Chaos state allows Rasetsu a myriad of new supernatural powers and abilities which are all based upon o relate to his chaotic cosmo in some ways, such as his devastating ability to manipulate and control all vectors and lines in existence through black chaos magic. However, this state allows him only but the tiniest of fractions of his true potential, and going beyond it grants him more.

Master of Black ChaosEdit

Battle LogEdit


Creation & ConceptionEdit