Prestor Kane (New Horus)
Classification Human with almost a god ancestor
Aura type Deity level

Golden Aura

Cloth Horus armor
Constellation/Symbol None
Date of birth 28 december
Sign Capricorn
Age 32
Gender M
Height 1.80
Weight 75 kg
Blood type A
Place of birth United State of America
Place of training House of Life
Teacher Various
Relations Himeko Yasha/New Princess Kaguya (mate)
Status Living/Active

Prestor Kane is the leader of the group called New Gods, and he call himself as the "New Horus". He had obtain his power after stealing the Horus Symbol and the Horus Sword from the House of Life. Also be a "New God" Prestor is also a young and ambitious american billionaire, a good magician and the actual Himeko Yasha 's mate.