Classification Olympian God, one of the "Big Three"
Aura type Deity-type, Shades of Blue
Cloth Poseidon Scale (God Cloth)
Constellation/Symbol None
Date of birth March, 21
Sign Aries
Age 32 (approx)
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 59+ kg
Blood type 0
Place of birth Mount Othrys, Greece (Deity)

Greece (Julian Solo)

Place of training Olympus
Teacher Zeus
Relations Kronos (Father)

Rhea (Mother)
Zeus (Brother)
Hades (Brother)
Hera (Sister)
Demeter (Sister)
Hestia (Sister)
Amphitrite (Wife)
Triton (Son)
Solo Patriarch (human father)
Solo Matriarch (human mother)
Christopher Solo (human brother)

Status Active

Poseidon, known by the humans as Julian Solo and the patriarch successor of the Solo Family - a human family under the protection of Olympian God Poseidon and thus defend the seas in his name, currently Poseidon has awoken and is returning to his fullest power since the first Holy War. Poseidon can use the element of Water.


  • Poseidon is chronologically the second oldest of the Olympians Gods after Hades, although it is stated that being "freed" from Kronos's stomach rebirthed the Gods swallowed by him, making Poseidon following his rebirth even younger than Zeus.