Pisces Futaba
Norn9 nanami

This is what i want Futaba to looks a like

Classification Gold Saints
Aura type God-Slaying Aura
Golden Aura
Darkness Element
Cloth Pisces Cloth
Constellation/Symbol Pisces/Two Fish that has their tails tied with a rope
Date of birth March 15th
Sign Pisces
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 157lbs
Blood type O
Place of birth Japan
Place of training Sanctuary
Teacher Crane Hisana
Relations Pisces Amor (previous incarnation)
Athena (Goddess)
Status Alive

Pisces Futaba(魚座(ピスケス)の 双葉; pisukesu no Futaba), is the Pisces Gold Saint during the 19th Century Holy War. Coming from the year 2215.


Futaba has a short, very light blue hair and a pair of purple eyes. Quite tall for his age, Futaba stands for 5'7" for height, and he has 157lbs for his weight.

Usually, he put his Gold Cloth inside a Clostone. And for a Gold Saint, Futaba is often seen wearing casual clothes instead of his Pisces Cloth.




  • Rinne Kesshō: Futaba raises four circles of magic that raised the four Emperors of Mars: Diana, Vulcan, Bacchus and Romulus. They can move freely after the first command and they have powers superior to those of a Gold Saint.
  • Silent Water: Creates a water barrier that emerges at an extremely fast speed. The barrier, however, can be destroyed.
  • Arrest of Judgment: Futaba will uses the element of darkness and shoots her opponent in the form of spears that prevent the enemy from moving. and it can only be negated using Dark Cosmo.
  • Gravity Concerto; Futaba can creates a baton of darkness that can be used to control the severity of her opponents.


Futaba's name means Sprouts. But, like Amor, he did not use roses as his motif.