Pegasus Taryn (天馬星座のタリン; Pegasasu no Tarin) is the Pegasus Saint during the the 22nd Century.

Pegasus Taryn
Classification Pegasus Bronze Saint
Aura type God-slaying
Cloth Pegasus Cloth
Constellation/Symbol Pegasus Constellation
Date of birth July 25
Sign Leo
Age 16 years
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Weight 61 kg
Blood type O
Place of birth New York City, United States
Place of training Sanctuary, Greece
Teacher Leo Raión
Relations Pegasus Seiya (previous incarnation), Pegasus Glory (disciple), Athena (goddess), Leo Raión (master), Crow Elf (friend)
Status Active


Taryn has a curiouspersonality, always wondering about everything, he likes rock&roll and gothic stuff. His favorite shirt says: Dark Crosses Rock and dysplays a dark cross.


Taryn wears the Pegasus Cloth, one of Athena's Cloths. His Cloth displays Athena's symbol plus 6 japanese kanji:

  • 天馬 (Tenma; pegasus, flying horse);
  • 聖人 (Seijin; saint) and;
  • 栄光 (Eikō; glory).



Taryn was born and raised by an adoptive couple on New York City (Brooklyn), in the United States of America, but ended up running away from home. Taryn started dwelling in the wastes until he was adopted by Leo Raión.


Taryn was trained for over 7 years by Raión, who training him on everything he knew and leaving him to nearly a year of lonely training before he got his cloth from the pope after defeating Belvedére, the other candidate for the cloth.

Holy War

When Ryujin awakened from his 1000 years' rest, he declared war against Athena, starting a new Holy War.


The Halflings