Ophiuchus Caelus
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Classification Saint
Aura type God-slaying
Cloth Gold Ophiuchus Cloth
Constellation/Symbol Ophiuchus
Date of birth November 30
Sign Sagittarius (traditional)

Ophiuchus (IAU calendar)

Age 16 (physically)

250+ (chronologically)

Gender Male
Height 190 cm
Weight 85 kg
Blood type A
Place of birth Naqada, Egypt
Place of training Unknown, Egypt (Eighteenth Century)

Sanctuary, Greece (Modern retrain)

Teacher Cancer Sage (Eighteenth Century)
Relations Athena (Deity/former enemy)
Cancer Sage (Master)
Ophiuchus Set (predecessor/last incarnation)
Gemini Aspros (friend)
Leo Regulus (romantic partner)
Sagittarius Aiolos (former rival)
Gemini Saga (co-conspirator/friend)
Virgo Shaka (friend)
Leo Aiolia (romantic facination)
Status Active

Ophiuchus Caelus is the Gold Saint of the Ophiuchus Constellation during the events of Episode G and believed to be the reincarnation of Ouranos's vengeful soul, he was imprisoned in the Ophiuchus Temple by Athena during the last Holy War (18th Century, Lost Canvas/Next Dimension) and is currently sought out by Gemini Saga so that they can conspire together, it was revealed that like all Ophiuchus Gold Saints he knows the secrets of Immortality - the process of living eternally young and healthy - a secret that only the Gods have been permitted to know.

It was revealed that he had been awakened long before Saga's attempt to awaken him and that he had lost all the memories of his time in the Eighteenth Century, however while those memories are sealed away so also is the dark arrogance of Ophiuchus and the darkness of Ouranos also sealed away, Saga is content not to discover Immortality from Ophiuchus as the ancient texts written by Athena describe Caelus' full awakening as the beginning of "Hell on Earth".


Caelus wears the Ophiuchus Gold Cloth, a cloth believed to have been intended to be designed to make its wearer - female or male - as terrifying as possible to Gods or man but instead capturing the noble power of the serpent in a plain outfit, its dormant state is that of an armoured prophet carrying a snake.


  • Caelus is the name of the Roman version of the Primordial Sky God, Ouranos.
  • Caelus is revealed to be the chronologically oldest living character by the late 19th Century, older than even Libra Dohko, who wasn't even born when Caelus became the Ophiuchus Gold Saint.