Water Monster, Leviathan Rōttan (水のモンスター, リバイアサンのロッタン; Mizu no Monsutā, Ribaiasan no Rottan) is the Monster Dragon of the Water.

Leviathan Rōttan
Classification Leviathan Monster Dragon
Aura type Telekinetic
Cloth Leviathan Scale
Constellation/Symbol Leviathan
Date of birth February 25
Sign Pisces
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 197 cm
Weight Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Place of birth Unknown
Place of training Unknown
Teacher None
Relations Ryūjin (god), Behemoth Gigantō and Ziz Flight (siblings)
Status Alive

Techniques Edit

  • Hellmouth: opens a dimensional gate connected to Hell, which releases several demons who attack the target. May also be used to seal targets.
  • Vampire Flood: releases a rain which trespasses any solid object, hitting the victims' bones and sucking their life power.