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Classification Titan
Aura type Deity-type, Golden
Cloth Leo Nemaeus Kamui
Constellation/Symbol Leo
Date of birth August, 16
Sign Leo
Age 16 (physically)
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Weight 85 kg
Blood type A
Place of birth Greece
Place of training Mount Othrys
Teacher Kronos
Relations Gaea (mother)

Ouranos (father)
Ebony Hyperion (older brother)
Dark Lightning Koios (brother)
Dimension Iapetos (brother)
Galaxy Kreios (brother)
Current Oceanos (older brother)
Kronos (brother/lover)
Mnemosyne (sister)
Phoebe (sister)
Rhea (sister)
Theia (older sister)
Themis (older sister)
Tethys (sister)

Status Active

Leontos (sometimes called Leon) was the Divine final son of Gaea and Ouranos, he became Kronos's male lover who was the reincarnation of Leo Regulus following his death in the far future at the hands of Wyvern Rhadamanthys before becoming one with nature, the act of using Zodiac Clamation (surpassing the power of even a God) and connecting with nature made it so that after his death he would reincarnate as a God.

However Zodiac Clamation made such a time-space fallout that Regulus's spirit would be interjected into the cycle of Rebirth from a different timeline, specifically the earliest years of the Age of Myth, he would reborn as the thirteenth Titan and at the same time the first Kamui would be born from the Big Will taking the form of the Leo Gold Cloth.

He is an antagonist in the Chronological series.


Past LifeEdit

In his past life, Leontos was Leo Regulus, the Gold Saint of the Leo Constellation in the Eighteenth Century that surpassed the power of even a God with the power of his Zodiac Clamation. At the moment of his death he became one with nature and destroyed the holy power wielded by Wyvern Rhadamanthys, fading into the cycle of nature he was guaranteed rebirth however because of the Big Bang generated by Zodiac Clamation and the stripping of Rhadamanthys of his godly power, Regulus's soul was sent through time to be reincarnated in a different time period and thus he was reborn as the youngest child of Ouranos and Gaia.

Titan of Courage and StrengthEdit


Leontos's Kamui was the first of all Kamui and this made him the only Titan not to wear a Souma in the age of myth or in the current day, Leontos's Kamui took a form similar to the Leo Gold Cloth except that it retained a silver-shine over its golden frame that all Kamui do and it was revealed that this Kamui was born from Zodiac Clamation connecting with the Big Will while Regulus had worn the Leo Cloth, the spirit of the lion was cast ajar and became twisted by the Big Will and Chronological powers that it became a Kamui.

Like Athena's Kamui, the Leo Nemaeus Kamui has the capacity to take immense amounts of damage without even a scratch on its surface, and channel the power of Leontos's Divine Cosmo beyond the maximum of his potential without it.



  • Leontos is the Ancient Greek word for "Lion".
  • In Greek myth, Leon was the Giant son of Gaea and along with his brothers and sisters made the Gigante War upon the Olympian Gods who alone were prophesied to not be able to fully kill them, Leon was the name of a "lion headed giant slain by Heracles in the giants war".
  • As it is revealed there are Thirteen Constellations on the Equator and Thirteen Gold Saints, Leon was added as the Thirteenth Titan.