Himeko Yasha (New Princess Kaguya)
Yasha hime
Classification Human with a god ancestor

New God

Aura type Deity Level


Cloth Kaguya armor
Constellation/Symbol None
Date of birth May 30th
Sign Gemini
Age 31
Gender F
Height 1.60
Weight 43
Blood type A
Place of birth Japan
Place of training Yasha Maison
Teacher Various
Relations *Princess Kaguya (ancestor)
Status Living

Himeko Yasha is a young japanese woman and Saori Kido 's rival from the childhood. She is the chief of Yasha shinobi clan (who called to her as "princess"), CEO of the second important keiretsu in Japan and descendant from the legendary princess Kaguya. After that Himeko had found her ancestor hagoromo and awaked Kaguya's power in her bodyshe start to call herhelf as "New Princess Kaguya" (新かぐや姫, Shin Kaguya-hime). 

Character Edit

Kaguya is very beautiful woman, with long black hair and usually she dressed in traditional japanese style, in contrast with Saori's occidental clothes. 

Himeko was always jeolous of Saori for her position as Grade Foundation's heir, also she is very nationalistic and despises her rival for her european origins.

After discovered her legacy and awaked her divine power, the goal of Himeko is umiliate Saori and take her place as guardian goddess for the Japan nation. She believe that the only a japanese patron can protect her motherland from menace like Hades, gigant or other god. In Himeko mind japanese Saint like Seiya are traitors, because served a gaijin deity.

After her first defeted, Himeko join her forces with Prestor Kane (the new Horus) and she had starting to feel something for him, although his american nationality.


First battleEdit

Himeko is born in the chief family of shinobi's clan Yasha, a clan always interested to grow up his power and influency. Secretely, Himeko was also the last descendant of the legendary princess Kaguya from her mother side. 

After descovered the celestial hagoromo of her ancestor, Himeko awaked Kaguya's power and re-name her self as "New Princess Kaguya" and started a plan for destryed her rival Saori Kido and her foundation. The rage toward the Grade Foundation chairwoman grow after Kaguya discovered that Saori is the reincarnation of a true deity: Athena, the greek warrior goddess. 

The generals of yasha clan fougth with the Bronze Saint, but at last Saori appears and sealed the hagoromo and Himeko divine power, but after the battle the princess of Yasha clan is disappeared.

Meet the New GodsEdit

In reality, Himeko was rescured by Prestor Kane, a young american billionaire, descendant of pharaos and new owner of the powers of the egyptian god Horus.

Thanks the magic of prestor, Himeko regains her power and join with the secret organition of her new ally: the New Gods , a group of person with almost divine ancestor (a true deity or a reincarnation/host). In the next 15 years Himeko and Preston started to developed her new army for take a revange on Saori and take over the House of Live, a secret magician organization leading by the god Thot.

After the battle of the Saints Versus Mars and Pallas, the New Gods are now ready! 


  • The name of the character is a tribute to the Yasha Princess (Yasha -hime) from Masami Kurumada's manga Fuma no Kojiro.