Dammerung Skadi
Classification God Warrior
Aura type cyan
Cloth God Robe: Dammerung
Constellation/Symbol Ursa Major
Date of birth May 18th
Sign Taurus
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 10 ft
Weight  ?
Blood type  ?
Place of birth Uthgar (a cavernous city located far into the mountains of Asgard)
Place of training
Teacher Gullinbursti Frodi
Relations Phecda Thor (2nd cousin)
Status Alive
A female God Warrior of Asgard, Dammerung Skadi is a female giant who has vowed to protect her home from evil. As a distant cousin of Phecda Thor, she hails from the Jotnar clan.


After the battle with the god Loki, Gullinbursti Frodi began recruiting and training new God Warriors along side Sigmund. One of the recruits was a young teenage 10 foot tall giantess by the name of Skadi. Proving her talents in battle as well in the use of Cosmo, she was found umatched by many in terms of skill.

She is directly descended from the Jotnar Clan, a subrace of humans who were thought to have been extinct since the great Titan War (the battle between Zeus and his father Kronus, predating the foundation of Athena's faithful Saints). The Jotnar clan were described as giants among normal men with skin thicker than 300 layers of horse leather.

As one of the few still living members of her clan, Skadi decided to use her gifts, taking up arms, in order to defend the home and people that she loves.


As she hailed from the Jotnar clan, a group of humans said to be decendants of Titans, she had inherited their natural tallness and musculairity. Despite of this height, she is often looked upon for her intense beauty, rivaling that of a goddess.

While in her God Robe, her armor is colored with a light blue modeled after an ice warg. Her breast plate fully covered her almost imeasurable chest and tight warm, colored dark blue, latex suit is worn beneath her armor.

​Skills and WeaponEdit

Due to not being a Saint of Athena, she is fully allowed the use of weapons. Specifically, her personal weapon is that of a large seemingly crystalline greatbow. It is a weapon known for its size and weight making it nearly impossible for any normal sized human being, perhaps even a god, to be able to wield it properly. However, due to her own size and strength, Skadi is more than capable of wielding such a bow.

Her special attacks consist of firing an arrow from her bow, channeling an intense radiation of chilling Cosmos into it. Being hit leaves frost damage and the impact can knock even a Gold Saint off their feet. This attack is referred to as "Frozan Wolf Arrow." 


  • She is named after the Jotunn and Norse Goddess of the same name, associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains.
  • Her God Robe, Dammerung, is actually named after a gun found in the popular video game Destiny.