Crow Elf (烏座のエルフ; Kurō no Erufu) is the Crow Saint during the 22nd century.

Crow Elf
Classification Crow Silver Saint
Aura type Telekinetic
Cloth Crow Cloth
Constellation/Symbol Crow Constellation
Date of birth February 20
Sign Pisces
Age 22 years
Gender Male
Height 162 cm
Weight 56 kg
Blood type AB
Place of birth Unknown
Place of training Sanctuary, Greece
Teacher Sagittarius Shashu
Relations Crow Jamian (previous incarnation), Pegasus Taryn (friend), Athena (goddess), Sagittarius Shashu (teacher)
Status Deceased


Elf is known in the Sanctuary as Athena's Savior, as he saved the goddess' life about 5 times during 2154's Holy War. He is easily spottable because his shirt is black, while his pants are white, he also wears a mask that covers his whole face. His strength exceeds the silver saint standards.


Elf wears the Crow Cloth, one of 22nd century Athena's Cloths. His Cloth displays written japanese kanji:

  • カラス (Karasu; crow)
  • (Kuro; black) and;
  • (Tsubasa; wings);


Early Life

There is no information on where he was born, but he was raised by Sagittarius Shashu.


Elf identified himself with Taryn as "he was also not comfortable on letting people see his eyes".

Special Mission

After concluding a special mission, Elf had barely made his way to the Sanctuary with a critical wound, when the specters Nidhogg Nagar and Guivre Vyper appeared, hitting his wound repeatedly right before sending him to afterlife.


  • Necroanimus: Elf summons several ghosts (undeparted souls), giving them provisional bodies so they can fight by his side. He oftenly uses his black wing shaft to cover the ghosts with black feathers.
  • Black Wing Shaft: the feathers from Elf's crows engulf the enemy making him unable to move and breath.
    • Infinity Shaft: after covering his ghosts with black feathers, Elf launches hundreds of sharp feathers directly in the target.
  • Crow Kick: Elf kicks the opponent using the right foot of his cloth, which is comparable to the Capricorn Saint's Excalibur.
  • Pheromone Feast: with a special pheromone contained on his claws, Elf cuts through the opponent's body, causing crows to gather at the body of the target, eventually feasting on it.