Demidragon of Speed, Cockatrice Belvedére (スピードのデミドラゴン, コカトリスのベルヴィデレ; Supīdo no Demidoragon, Kokatorisu no Berūviedere) is the fastest among the Demi Dragons.

Cockatrice Belvedére
Classification Cockatrice Demi Dragon
Aura type Burning
Cloth Cockatrice Scale
Constellation/Symbol Cockatrice
Date of birth October 10
Sign Leo
Age 19 years
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 57 kg
Blood type A
Place of birth England
Place of training Dragon Realm
Teacher Tiamat Elka
Relations Tiamat Elka (teacher), Ryūjin (god)
Status Active


The Cockatrice Scale is basically made of a thin, elastic chain mail which is mostly covered by white feathers and is very resistant to speed impacts. Its wings are extremely light, allowing the dragon to move really fast.


  • Stone Gaze: if an opponent stare at the eyes of Belvedére's helmet, he will be turned into stone.
  • Stone Poke: turns the opponent's skin into stone, which may be broken to cause wounds.
    • Deep Stone Poke: first the user pushes his own hand into the opponent's chest, then uses Stone Poke to turn the target's internal organs into stone.
  • Fire Breath: common to most dragons, produces fire.
    • Burning Roll: envelops one's own body in flames and rolls over the opponent at high speeds, it is highly destructive.
  • Light Flap: common to most demidragons, flaps one's own wings to produce a light wind blast.