Capricorn Azu
Classification Gold Saint
Aura type Golden
Cloth Capricorn Cloth
Constellation/Symbol Capricorn
Date of birth January 5th
Sign Capricorn
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 182cm
Weight Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Place of birth Japan
Place of training Mount Fuji, Japan
Teacher Gemini Rogu
Relations Wolf Rasen (Apprentice); Gemini Ashun (adoptive brother)
Status Alive
Capricorn Azu (山羊座のあず, Kapurikon no Azu) is the 20th century Capricorn Saint on an alternative timeline of Saint Seiya. He is the adoptive older brother of Gemini Ashun, adoptive son of Gemini Rogu and master of Wolf Rasen.


Azu is a very calm and noble man. He cares very much for his apprentice, Rasen, and tends to playfully attacks him in surprise. He consideres himself one of the most loyal Saints.


Azu was adopted and trained by his adoptive father and master Rogu, the former Gemini Saint, along with his jealous adoptive younger brother Ashun, the current Gemini Saint. After became the Capricorn Saint, he started to train the orphan Rasen, current Wolf Saint, until he achieve the Wolf Cloth.


Azu wears the Capricorn Cloth, one of Athena's Cloths. Differently from Shura, his Cloth has full arms protection and smaller shoulders.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Azu is said to be one of the strongest Gold Saints of his time and was almost selected as the next Pope.


  • Excalibur: Azu's Excalibur differs from the others Capricorn Saints' due to the fact that he can use it with his arms and, but instead uses it in the form of a big cosmos golden sword.
    • Burst: After creating the Cosmos Excalibur, Azu points it to the enemy in a perfuration stance, then, he  unleashes his Cosmos to the blade increases in size and perforates the enemy. The blade grows in the speed of light.  
  • Jumping Stone: When Azu is thrown by the impact of some attack, he grabs his enemy with his legs and flips both of them, so he will be released of the attack and the enemy will be thrown by his own attack.