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Cancer Rona Reference

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Cancer Rona is the child of Cancer Schiller & adoptive daughter of Vega Celestia. She are a Silver Knight.

Profil & StoryEdit

  • Name : Cancer Rona
  • Age : 19 years
  • Constellation : Cancer
  • Aura-Cosmos : Freezing Aura
  • Rank : Silver Knight
  • Living : Palestra
  • Family : Vego Celestia - Cancer Schiller


  • Before The  SSO Events, Cancer Rona has living into the Cancer Home with her father, Cancer Schiller. She has meet Celestia when she has been 6 years old. When Celestia are coming into her life, Cancer Schiller are choose to be her adoptive father, to  protect Celestia, but he has lying. He begins uses Celestia like a slave. But Rona has ever protect Celestia over Schiller. Because of that, Schiller has get out of the house Celestia & Rona.

Personality & TraitsEdit

  • In first time, you will should Rona are evil and not gentle, but she are really protective with her friends and she have the sacrifice's sens.
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Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Rona have got a black quilt hair & brown/red eyes.
  • Her armor, are gray, blue, white & purple. She haves a Hair clip & a mask.
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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Freezing Cosmos, Increase my Puissance ! : This attack is like the Cosmos Enhancement of Celestia. Her powers are more strange.
  • Freezing Cosmos, Increase my Puissance & reflets to my legs ! : This attack is a ability who makes more strange in her legs.
  • Cancer Feeling : Crab's Sting ! : This attack is like the Sonia's Ability : The Hornet's Sting.


  • Cancer Rona, are the children of Cancer Schiller
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