Beyonds are the armors used by the Outsiders as their equivelency to Cloths. Unlike Cloths however, their concept of choosing wielders require an advanced level of willpower and concentration lest they fall prey to the Beyond's own will, with only a rare few having enough to control them.

​Appearance, Numbers, & AbilitiesEdit

Created by the Elder One, the number of Beyonds are seemingly infinite compared to the 88 Saints of Athena and the 108 Specters of Hades. The only known Beyonds are named after, and based on, major beings and settings of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Compared to the Cloths of the Gold Saints, or even the capabilities of God Cloths themselves, they are far more advanced, hence why they are so hard to control. These armors amplify the user's Cosmo exponentially while granting Outsiders the ability to "see the universe for what it truly is".

Their material is hard to define, for the monoliths that Beyonds form when in stand-by mode feel warm and seem almost alive to the touch. The material resembled not quite flesh but with the word "flesh" being the closest way to describe it.

The Beyond acquires a parasitic relationship with its users, creating a sort of mental link- when the Beyond is seperated from its host, the user's mind will slowly become insane the longer he/she is without it. The same effect happens to the predecessor when the Beyond is passed on to new generation.

When a Beyond is one with its wielder, the Outsider often hears their own voice speaking to them while backed by a mysterious sound, like a pack of whales calling to one another. This could be Beyond's way of communication.

​List of Beyonds/UsersEdit

  • Nyarlathotep - Elron
  • Cthylla - Kiriko
  • Dagon - ???
  • Tindalos - ???
  • Gla'aki - ???
  • Cthulhu - ???