Aquarius Cerdas is the Aquarius Saint during the the 22nd Century.

Aquarius Cerdas
Classification Aquarius Gold Saint
Aura type Golden, Freezing
Cloth Aquarius Cloth
Constellation/Symbol Aquarius Constellation
Date of birth February 7
Sign Aquarius
Age 19 years
Gender Male
Height 181 cm
Weight 61 kg
Blood type O
Place of birth Caxias do Sul, Brazil
Place of training Siberia
Teacher None
Relations Aquarius Camus (previous incarnation), Athena (goddess), Pisces Natan (best friend)
Status Deceased

Techniques Edit

  • Diamond Dust: Cerdas slows down the movement of atoms in the air, thereby creating frost, which is thrown at the opponent in a cold blast of ice crystals.
  • Kol'tso: Cerdas freezes water molecules around an opponent into a ring that restricts their movement. Over time, the number of rings increase and tighten on the target.
  • Freezing Coffin: Cerdas freezes the moisture in the air around a target to create a block of ice around them. It has a long casting time and its said to last hundreds of years.
  • Aurora Execution: Cerdas raises both hands overhead and then swings them down, releasing a stream of coldness reaching absolute zero.