Dragon King of the South, Ao Qin Rex (南のドラゴンキング, 青クインのレックス; Minami no Doragonkingu, Ao Kuin no Rekkusu) is one of the fabled Dragon Kings and the fastest among all the dragons.

Ao Qin Rex
Classification Ao Qin Dragon King
Aura type Telekinetic
Cloth Ao Qin Scale
Constellation/Symbol Ao Qin
Date of birth April 7
Sign Aries
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight Any
Blood type AB
Place of birth China
Place of training Dragon Realm
Teacher Ryūjin
Relations Ryūjin (teacher and god), Huang Long Soramaru (apprentice and son)
Status Active


  • Telekinesis: Rex has unique telekinetic abilities, surpassing even Ryūjin's.
    • Teleport: Rex can teleport himself, other people and even entire towns with ease.
      • Random Teleport: sends the opponent through an alternative dimension to a random place of the universe.
  • Fire Breath: common to most dragons, produces fire.
    • Supernova: creates a gigantic star which explodes into a massive fireball. It is the third most destructive of the Fire Breath moves.
  • Black Hole: using his right eye, Rex creates a black hole which spaghettifies the opponent and a large part of the surrounding area.
  • Heavy Flap: common to most dragon kings, flaps one's own wings to produce a heavy wind blast.