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Classification Olympian Goddess
Aura type Deity-type, Aquamarine
Cloth Amphitrite Uniform Scale
Constellation/Symbol None
Date of birth October, 18
Sign Scorpio
Age 30 (approx)
Gender Female
Height 175 cm
Weight Unknown
Blood type B
Place of birth Greece
Place of training Atlantis
Teacher Poseidon
Relations Current Oceanos (father)

Thetys (mother)
Oceanids (sisters)
Poseidon/Julian Solo (husband)
Triton (son)
Unnamed Human parents

Status Active

Amphitrite, being reincarnated within Lessa Solo which she goes by the name of while on Earth as the wife of Julian Solo, is the Goddess of the Sea and the Wife of Sea God Poseidon. She is the mother of the minor sea God and son of Poseidon, Triton, and herself the daughter of Poseidon's uncle and aunt that are Titan sea Deities themselves. Amphitrite can use the element of Water and Fire, specifically creating the undersea burning Blue Fire.


Personality and traitsEdit

A young commander identified by her long silver hair and red eyes. She fervently supports Poseidon, and will fight proud and bravely for any of his causes.

Undefeated since she began work as one of Poseidon's commanders, her forays into the nations around Atlantis struck with the force of a tidal wave.

Amphitrite enjoyed cooking as a meditative exercise and strove to recapture the taste of her mother's, a Titan's, cooking that lingered within her memories.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lessa Solo has long silver hair and flaming blood red eyes, she is roughly approximate in size and shape given her age, in fact she looks more youthful than she actually is.


  • Amphitrite is rather minor in Greek myth, but her Roman equivalent is the Goddess of Saltwater.
  • Amphitrite acts as the militant equivalent of Pandora, commanding Poseidon's armies on his behalf, just as Hades's Specters were commanded by Pandora.